Joe is Online is my epistolary novel on cyberterrorism and suicide cults.  It can be bought for Kindle via Amazon , iPad and iPhone via the Ibook Store and other e-readers from Smashwords.

It currently has a 4.5 rating on Amazon UK.

It was published in March 2011 and here are excerpts from the reviews I’ve had so far:

This is a novel to satisfy fans of Hard Sci-Fi (it has hackers!), Soft Sci-Fi (it has culture wars!), and Speculative Fiction (it’s in the future!) alike.

the Scattering

“This was a very different read for me. When I say that, I mean this is not written in the typical story format. This is a story told from multiple perspectives, through blog posts, diary/journal entries, emails, webpages and chatroom logs. Overall I found ‘Joe is Online’ to be a very fast and enjoyable read.”

Ashton the Book Blogger

“I feel this work is one of real substance, delivering delicious chunks of food for thought. It is special, quite special, and I am truly happy that I have had the chance to read it. It’s original, refreshing, strong, of substance and character, and quite simply put, I love it!”  L.E. Olteano

“I really wasn’t sure I would like this when I read the description, but once I started reading the story in this format, I was hooked! I’m not a huge fan of first person stories to begin with. The way this is set up, using how we communicate in the internet age (email, chat, tweet, FB, online journal), Wimpress weaves a compelling first person thriller.”

Alchemy of Scrawl

Someone is conducting coordinated but seemingly unrelated attacks. These attacks begin with a global shutdown of the Internet. No one seems to be able to predict the attacks or determine their origin. As the years pass, the attacks grow to include suicide bombers from all walks of life. A professor who studies terrorism may be able to track down the ringleader, but can she stop him? At first I was unsure about the format of the story. Stories written in computer style can get very old very quickly. However, it seemed to work for this book. The cast is fairly small which definitely helps; it makes it much easier to keep track of who is doing what.”

Life is Better with Cookies

Because of its formatting ‘Joe is Online’ is regrettably not compatable with Stanza. If this is a problem download iBooks for free from the app store, drag the .epub file to iTunes and make sure it’s synced to your device.

It also has a Facebook page,.

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  2. […] coming soon the review for Chris Wimpress‘s Joe is online book, a cyberterrorism thriller I’ll be very excited to read and share […]

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